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Welcome to the City of Bel-Nor


On April 7, 2018, a sum of money was found in front of the Unity Lutheran Church on Glen Echo Drive.

The owner can come to the Bel-Nor City Hall located at 8416 Natural Bridge Road to make a claim.

The owner will have 30 days from April 11, 2018 to make claim.

Arlmont Drive Road Project News (Updated on 4-13-2018)

  • Contractors will be on-site on April 13th and the week of April 16th prepping areas that need attention for final curb sections, patching potholes, and continuing to backfill areas with soil. 
  • The hope is to begin the asphalt paving the week of April 23rd, if the weather holds out.  See below for what asphalt phase of construction will entail.
  • Paving of Arlmont will require 5 days where temperatures stay above 50 degrees F with no rain or snow.  Residents on Arlmont will receive a letter from the contractor describing the process in detail and advising about when driveways will be accessible of not.  Please keep an eye out for this letter at your home.  Once we can predict 5 days of stable weather, the process will follow in this manner:
    •  A Leveling course on all concrete for the entire length of the road will take place for 1-2 days.  Residents will be able to get to their houses and driveways.  All other traffic will be asked to use alternate routes.  There will be a “road closed to thru traffic” sign in similar fashion to the way the road was closed during slab replacement.
    • Next, a road grid layer of self-adhesive “fabric” will be put down next.  NO TRAFFIC is allowed to drive on this grid layer.  The contractors will start at the south island by the gazebo and move up the stop sign in the middle of Arlmont on one side of the street laying the grid layer down and asphalt paving on top of it on the same day with the 2 inch asphalt layer.
    • Finally, the contractor will follow the same plan from the stop sign on Arlmont northward towards Natural Bridge Road. 
  • After paving, speed bumps installation will take 2 days.
  • Around that same time, stop sign bar painting and speed bump painting, and miscellaneous sign removal/posting will take 3 days.

Please see the "Documents" tab for updated letters from the construction company, Gateway Design and Construction, when they become available. 

For any questions, call or email Christina Buchek at 314-973-8866 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see the newly revised Bel-Nor City Hall hours on our home page.  

Please see the "Document" section of Bel-Nor.org to find documents that answer frequently asked questions and forms that can be downloaded.

Welcome to the City of Bel-Nor, located in Saint Louis County, Missouri just minutes from highways 170 and 70, the University of Missouri Saint Louis campus, Lambert International Airport, and many businesses and restaurants.  Founded in 1937 as the Village of Bel-Nor, residents voted to become the City of Bel-Nor in April 2015.  However, this change in classification did not alter the fabric of this community where brick houses line the streets and people look out for one another.  This neighborhood truly is a place where you will feel embraced and connected, if you allow yourself to share in conversation and the lives of those beyond your front door.  This website will hopefully become a quality resource for you as you live, work, and play in the City where "we live in the village and live as the village".
City office address: 8416 Natural Bridge Road, Bel-Nor, MO 63121
City office hours: See City Hall and City Court office hours on the image to the right on this page
City office phone number: 314-381-2834 
Bel-Nor Police non-emergency phone number: 314-381-2971
Bel-Nor Police Watch Phone number: 314-920-9513 
For questions about the Normandy Drive/Arlmont Drive road reconstruction project slated for Fall of 2017: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please see the "Government" tab for a list of streets in each Ward of Bel-Nor, the names of the Aldermen in each ward, and a contact email address for each Aldermen.